Letting out your property

Is your home available temporarily or for a longer period? If, for example, you work abroad, you live together or your house is for sale, you can let it in the meantime. P&D  will find a suitable tenant for you.


Via P&D you can reach a wide audience. Both the target groups, expats and local house hunters know where to find us when they are looking for a rental home. We therefore have extensive knowledge of the local market and extensive experience in international services. The majority of the tenants in our customer base are international, highly educated and in possession of an employment contract, an interesting and reliable tenant for your home. Due to the high demand for temporary housing, we quickly found a suitable tenant. Via P&D Care, a sister company where expats are supported for international employers, interested parties can also be found.


Before the rental process starts, we would like to meet you personally. In an intake interview we discuss all possibilities. You receive advice about the rent, we draw up the rental contract with all the associated conditions and make an inspection report upon delivery of the rental property. We select suitable tenants and screen the potential tenant for his financial situation and identity. Then we arrange and supervise the viewings and take care of the negotiations.


During the rental period we can, if desired, also take care of the management of your home. You can opt for financial management whereby we monitor the collection of the rent payments and take care of contracts for the supply of gas, water and light and TV and internet services. In full management, we take care of inventorying and solving questions, complaints and faults that both the tenant and the landlord report. Read more about the management of your home. >

Letting your property? Contact us
All concerns about letting your home are therefore taken care of. Contact us now to start the rental process of your home. Call 013-7114050.